Something in the Air

The blog has lain idle for awhile—I’ve been traveling. But from the New York Times, here is a disturbing bit of news about air quality from Beijing. When I was in Xi’an in 2005, I said that every American should have to live for a period of time breathing China’s air. It is a sobering reminder of where we could all be in a couple of decades if we don’t get serious about controlling emissions. After two months, I was desperate to go someplace where I could get a big lungful of clean air.

My return flight had me changing planes—and terminals—in Los Angeles. I wanted to stretch my legs and decided to walk to the second terminal instead of taking the shuttle. As I walked out of the first building, I saw that the sky was blue. I stood on the sidewalk and took a huge, deep breath. Aaahh! And remember, this was L.A.

On January 13, 2012, Al Jazeera posted video:

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