Can China’s Boom Travel the Silk Road?

©Matt O'Brien/The Washington Post

©Matt O’Brien/The Washington Post

Lanzhou is Xi’an’s dustier and more remote cousin to the west on the Silk Road.

This article from the Washington Post’s Wonkblog describes the challenges China faces in bringing the country’s economic miracles to the hinterland—and sustaining that growth throughout the country. Author Matt O’Brien discusses the role that insecurity plays in hindering that growth.

In the early 1980s, people were reluctant to innovate, fearing a policy change that might open anyone with ambition to criticism or worse.

In 2005, ambition was no longer a dirty word. China had become the wild west of capitalist expansion. But along with American-style development came American-style insecurity: fear of losing a job, fear of becoming bankrupted by illness, fear of not having enough to live on in one’s old age.

Read the full story here:


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